Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

What is it?

SkyBell is a smart doorbell with a built-in camera, speakers, and speakers. The device not only notifies about the guests who came but also shows the visitor's face on a smartphone screen and even gives you an opportunity to keep the conversation with it. This is a smart and unique solution for those who appreciate their safety: a regular peephole doesn't show the whole view of the landing, as the camera covers a maximum of space.

The 1080p resolution image is displayed on a smartphone, which is synchronized with the device via the Internet. SkyBell is mounted in minutes with the wiring of a regular phone.


SkyBell looks quite technologically: the round flat case is fully metal. In the upper part, there is a bell button and below — the illumination for a night vision and camera lens. The size is compact enough — only 7 centimeters in diameter and less than 2 centimeters in depth. The phone weighs 53.8 g.

How does it work?

The principle of SkyBell work is quite simple: as soon as the guest presses the button, a notification comes to the synchronized smartphone. If you don't wait for anyone, you can reject the notification. If notified, the gadget automatically activates the camera, microphone, and speaker.

SkyBell is connected in no more than 20 minutes. To do this, just disconnect and remove the analog call and connect SkyBell to its place to the existing wiring. In addition, you need to buy a 12 V power supply. When using a digital call to synchronize devices work, the user will need a SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter (not included). Then you should install the app on your smartphone or tablet, register with the system and synchronize a call with your mobile phone.

The app functions allow you not only answer the doorbell but also take photographs and save video from the camera, turn on silent mode or use multi-user mode. To do this, the app must be installed on a smartphone of each user to which SkyBell will be connected.

In addition, the app automatically scales the video, depending on the signal quality. An important advantage of SkyBell is that it allows you to learn about visitors even when you are absent. The gadget connects to the home Wi-Fi network and sends notifications to the smartphone no matter where the user is located: at home, at work or even in another city. Most important thing is an Internet connection.